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Clover Pillows

children's INTERACTIVE PLAY pillows


Co-Owner, CFO/CEO


Cami Powell, MBA

Our CFO/CEO and Co-Owner Cami is a busy mom and co-parent of 6. She has been a serial entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. 

After earning her Masters Degree in Business she created Powell Business Solutions to assist other business owners in accomplishing their dreams through a holistic proactive approach while successfully managing the financial aspects of their business as an outsourced CFO. As she continues to actively pursue her outsourced CFO business, she is a strategic partner at Clover Pillows that ensures our visions and financial strategies are met. 

 In her spare time she enjoys boating, fishing, quality time with the kids, family, and friends, traveling, and listening to business audiobooks.

Co-Owner, Head of Marketing


Arianne Zucker

Our Head of Marketing and Co-Owner Ari is an active mom and co-parent of 1 darling daughter. 

Ari is a successful actress who has nearly 30 years in the entertainment industry most known for her role as Nicole on Days of Our Lives. Along with her booming career, she created a 501c3 nonprofit with her brother, Arrow-Heart Adventure Camps that offers a teen mentor-ship program. In addition she is the sole owner/creator of Chandelier Succulent Co. Her drive to accomplish her dreams is inspiring to all those who surround her. Ari blesses our Clover Pillows partnership with her radiant positivity and willingness to work hard.

In her spare time she loves quality time with her daughter, traveling, and creating her beautiful succulents

Co-Owner, Creative Director


Hailey Brown

Our Creative Director and Co-Owner Hailey is a super mom and co-parent of 3.

 Hailey has been managing her children's careers in the entertainment industry for 8 years. She wrote and published a children's book in 2010. She continues to write story lines in preparation for her first novel as well as a television pilot . She is also in the beginning stages as co-owner of an organic repurposed fire starter and candle company called, Wick and Wood. Hailey's superb creativity in writing and product development has made her a prime Clover partner. Her spirit and drive are remarkable.

 In her spare time she enjoys hiking, writing, and spending time at the pool with her kids. Friends, family and love of wine keep her smiling and laughing her way through anything.